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About Us

Metro Fire MapThe Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, "Metro Fire," serves a population of over 745,000 in a 359 square mile service area.  Metro Fire is the 7th largest fire agency in the State of California.

Metro Fire is a combination of 16 smaller fire departments that, over the years, merged to create this California Special District. The last merger was in December 2000 when American River Fire Department and Sacramento County Fire Protection District merged to form the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, pursuant to Government Code Section 56839. As a special district, Metro Fire is governed by a Board of Directors; each member is elected by the voters within a geographical area, or division, of Metro Fire's operational area.

On any given day, there are 192 on-duty personnel to serve the District's communities.  Routine and emergency operations are managed with five (5) Battalion Chiefs with oversight through an Assistant Chief assigned a 24-hour shift.  Metro Fire is comprised of three branches - Operations, Administration, and Support Services.

Operations includes Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical, Training & Safety, Special Operations, Homeland Security, Fire Investigation, and Health & Wellness Divisions.

The Adminstration Branch consists of Economic Development, Finance, Human Resources, and Community Risk Reduction

Support Services oversees Community Services, Facilities, Fleet Maintenance, Logistics Divisions and Information Technology Divisions.

Communities We Serve

Anatolia Fair Oaks North Highlands
Antelope Florin Orangevale
Arcade Foothill Farms Rancho Cordova
Arden Gold River Rancho Murieta
Carmichael Mather Rio Linda
Citrus Heights McClellan Rosemont
Dry Creek Michigan Bar Sloughhouse
Elverta Mills Station  


On September 25, 1999 by unanimous vote, the Board of Directors of the American River Fire District adopted an application for reorganization resolution with the Sacramento County Fire Protection District. On September 23, 1999, the Board of Directors of Sacramento County Fire adopted the application for reorganization with the American River Fire District. The adoptions of these resolutions officially called for the reorganization of both districts, which occurred on December 1, 2000.

The administration and membership of the District recognize the contribution and rich history of its predecessor departments. There are 16 prior fire departments represented in the Metro Fire organization. The predecessor agencies include:

Arcade 1/26/42 to 6/30/86
Arden 1/4/43 to 7/31/83
Carmichael 1/30/42 to 7/31/83
Citrus Heights 12/31/33 to 6/30/89
Elverta 10/22/25 to 12/31/86
Fair Oaks 3/27/28 to 11/2/93
Florin 1/26/42 to 6/30/97
Mather Field 1918 to 9/3/93
McClellan Field 1937 to 4/1/01
Michigan Bar 1/1/43 to 11/9/47
Mills 6/8/22 to 11/1/59
North Highlands 9/24/51 to 6/2/84
Orangevale 3/2/36 to 12/1/45
Rancho Cordova 11/2/59 to 6/30/89
Rio Linda 6/23/23 to 12/31/86
Sloughhouse 11/1/47 to 6/30/90


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