Promotion Ceremony

The Fire Chief, with Command Staff, would like to congratulate those who have been promoted in the last year.  A promotion ceremony will be held Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at Rancho Cordova City Hall at 6:00 PM.


Name Rank Date Promoted
Chris Holbrook Deputy Chief 1/1/12
Scott Cockrum Deputy Chief 7/16/12
Darren Taylor Assistant Chief 1/1/12
Walt White Assistant Chief 1/1/12
Ray Iverson Assistant Chief 4/16/12
Scott Clough Assistant Chief 7/16/12
Brian Shannon Battalion Chief 10/9/11
Mark Repetto Battalion Chief 1/1/12
William Turner Battalion Chief 1/1/12
Chris Siler Battalion Chief 1/1/12
Rick Griggs Battalion Chief 1/1/12
Mike Daw Battalion Chief 1/1/12
Maurice Johnson Battalion Chief 7/16/12
Bryan Barthel Captain 1/1/12
Ryan Pittman Captain 1/1/12
Erik (Roman) Rubalcava Captain 1/31/12
Greg Markel Captain 1/31/12
Bryan Thomson Captain 1/31/12
Rosario Carollo Captain 1/31/12
Dave Ray Captain 1/31/12
Andy Whaley Captain 1/31/12
Mark Stern Captain 1/31/12
Jason Cahill Captain 2/20/12
Phil Allen Captain 7/1/12
Jason Wenner Captain 7/16/12
Aaron Montgomery Engineer 6/5/12
Kyle Senior Engineer 6/5/12
Thomas Nikelewski Engineer 6/5/12
Jonathan Baclay Engineer 6/5/12
Zach Taylor Engineer 6/5/12
Bryan Dupertuis Engineer 6/5/12
Patrick Anderson Engineer 6/5/12
Jeff Incerty Engineer 6/5/12
Chad Fortin Engineer 6/5/12
Michael Martin Engineer 6/5/12
Ryan Ross Engineer 6/5/12
John Kendrick Engineer 6/5/12
Adam Spiva Engineer 7/1/12
Rhonda McFarlane Chief Financial Officer  2/10/12
Tara Maeller Accounting Specialist 4/1/12
Marie Bernal Accounting Specialist 8/7/12
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