Metro Fire and the Cosumnes Fire Department Upstaff Task Force for Red Flag Warning

Mather, CA – Metro Fire, in conjunction with the Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department have upstaffed a Task Force of 4 Type 3 Engines (2 from each agency) plus a Water Tender in preparation for todays Red Flag Warning. This Task Force is funded by the Cal OES Prepositioning Plan and consists of 20 personnel which will be available for rapid deployment to any local event in the Sacramento Operational Area or beyond based on regional resource needs.

The Task Force will rendezvous at Metro Fire’s Headquarters located at 10545 Armstrong Avenue, Mather, CA 95655 at approximately 1 pm today. Captain Brian Gonsalves, a Metro Fire PIO and assigned member of the Task Force, will be on site and available for interviews and other information.

Despite recent rainfall, Metro Fire reminds our community to be Ready for Wildfire ( and to be as diligent in preventing wildfire as during the middle of the warmer summer months. Grasses and light brush which are our predominant fire fuels in the Sacramento Region are unable to regain fuel moistures once they die earlier in the season. Fire danger now is equally as high as during our hot mid summer periods. Additionally, the forecast winds from the north are dry and will cause rapid fire spread with low humidity despite perceived lower temperatures.

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