Dry Creek Parkway Planned Fire in Rio Linda

Rancho Cordova, CA – Metro Fire, in conjunction with the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department (Regional Parks) will conduct a 40 acre planned fire on the American River Parkway on September 28, 2018 beginning at 10:00 am at Rossmoor Bar, between Rossmoor Drive and Chase Drive near Hagan Park. Fire activity is expected to be completed by 1:00 pm.

This range management exercise is part of the Regional Parks effort to create a more sustainable ecosystem on the Parkway, and is one of multiple methods it is using to reestablish natural and fire resistant vegetation. This fire has been coordinated with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) and the Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office and will only occur after final approvals prior to ignition. Originally planned during May and June, poor air quality and red flag conditions throughout the summer prevented this activity from occurring. Friday’s conditions are ideal burning as a result of low temperatures and higher humidity combined with an acceptable air quality index forecast.

Metro Fire and the Regional Parks recognize the impact his may have on the surrounding communities. Residents within the immediate area have been notified by US mail of this burn and signs have been placed on the bike trail notifying those who frequently enjoy it that it will have intermittent closures tomorrow and a detour will be marked on the bike trail allowing passage around the affected area. Social media posts by Metro Fire, Regional Parks and other partners will be made throughout the morning notifying our community of the activity.

Community members will see and smell smoke coming from the Rancho Cordova area. If anyone believes there is a fire outside of the Rossmoor Bar area, please call 911 to report it.

For further questions, or to advise of planned media attendance to facilitate visual opportunities, please do not hesitate to call the Metro Fire PIO at (916) 859-4589.

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