Dry Creek Wildfire Training

Rio Linda, CA – Metro Fire, in conjunction with the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department, Sacramento Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, and the SMAQMD, will be conducting wildland fire training at Dry Creek area in Rio Linda on September 6TH, 2018. Taking place is NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group) S-219, Firing Operations.

The primary goal of the upcoming activity is to provide S-219 students a learning environment on firing techniques and decision making. As a training tool for firefighters, there is no alternative for live fire as it provides firefighters the most practical experience and practice in controlling wildland fires. Fire managers will be on scene and conduct the activity in a manner that will minimize both smoke production and the impact to sensitive areas. The burn will cover approximately 20 acres on the north side of Q St. south of U St, between 16th and 20th streets on September 6th and will be subject to the aforementioned considerations for fire weather forecasts and air quality.

To ensure environmental protection and fire safety, techniques to minimize smoke, heat and flames have been implemented, and additional firebreaks have been created by Metro Fire and the Sacramento County Regional Parks

Details for the burn are below:

    BURN AREAS: Dry Creek Parkway.
    DATE: September 6th, 2018
    PROJECT SIZE: 20 Acres
    IGNITION TIMES: 10:00 a.m. (pending ignition approval criteria that morning)

MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Our Public Information Officer’s want to provide the best possible experience and opportunities for our media partners. Please contact Captain Adam Huckaby at (916) 859-4589 for any additional details.

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