Fireworks Declared as Cause of Vegetation Fire on Bradshaw Rd. by Metro Fire

Vineyard, CA. – A vegetation fire earlier today on Bradshaw Road near Calvine Road has been determined to have been caused by an illegal firework by a Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (Metro Fire or the District) Arson Investigator. Reported at 2:47 pm, this fire was contained after consuming 15 acres of grassland. Fortunately no homes or structures were threatened and the fire was contained without causing injury to any community members or firefighting personnel. Crews from Metro Fire will be visiting the site throughout the night to ensure full extinguishment of the fire and that hot spots do not pose any threat to nearby structures and vegetation.

Metro Fire received assistance from the Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department (CSD Fire). In total, over 50 personnel were assigned to the incident including fire engines and overhead personnel from both CSD Fire and Metro Fire, in addition to Metro Fire’s Dozer 1 and Copter 1. A concurrent fire alarm at Bradshaw Christian School was caused by smoke from the fire and briefly caused the school to be evacuated, while a nearby subsequent vegetation fire on Excelsior Rd and Florin Rd was quickly suppressed.

The only legal fireworks in Sacramento County are those with the Safe and Sane seal on them and are only allowed between June 28 and July 5. The Greater Sacramento Area Fireworks Task Force will conduct a press conference on June 28th highlighting the safe and legal use of fireworks, how illegal activity will be enforced, and the penalties for those who are caught using illegal fireworks.

With increasing temperatures and forecasts predicting north winds, an already high fire danger will increase beginning tomorrow through the weekend. We discourage manual tools and power tools which may cause sparks if struck against hard surfaces like rocks with the upcoming conditions. The best time to create defensible space and fuel reduction is during periods of lower temperatures and higher humidity.

While the fire on Bradshaw Road was caused by illegal fireworks, Metro Fire’s Arson Investigations Unit is in need of help from our community. If you saw any suspicious activity in the area or people using fireworks, please call our Arson Tip Line at (916) 859-3775.

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