Copter 2 Initiates Emergency Procedures to Land After Mechanical Failure

Metro Fire Headquarters, CA – At 1855 hours, Metro Fire’s Copter 2 experienced a failure of hydraulic systems while flying over the Auburn Airport this afternoon. An experienced flight crew of three personnel including two pilots, one with over 18,000 hours of flight experience, initiated emergency procedures and were able to land the aircraft without suffering any injuries. The helicopter, a Bell UH-1H “Huey,” incurred damage which is currently being assessed.

Personnel assigned to Metro Fire Air Operations Division are trained in emergency procedures and practice them routinely, in the case of an event such as this. Due to this training, Copter 2 was able to land at the Auburn Airport as indicated. Although the aircraft suffered damage our personnel were uninjured as a result of the precision of their actions in initiating the emergency procedures.

The attacged images are of Copter 2 after today’s incident.

For additional information as it becomes available, please call Metro Fire’s Public Information Office at (916) 859-4589.

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