Metro Firefighter Burned while Fighting House Fire in Wilton

Wilton, CA– A Metro Firefighter was burned while fighting a multi-alarm fire in a Wilton residence this evening.

Four engines from Metro Fire were dispatched as part of the second-alarm assignment to a fire on the 11100 block of Nygaard Lane. One engine crew assigned to fire attack was inside the residence when a flashover occurred. A flashover is "the stage of a fire at which all surfaces and objects within a space have been heated to their ignition temperatures, and flame breaks out almost at once over the surface of all objects in the space" (IFSTA).

Training and critical thinking allowed the crew to self-rescue, diving for the stairs, rolling to the bottom, and quickly exiting the structure. One crew member received burns to his hands and neck and was immediately transported to UC Davis Medical Center by a medic unit on scene. The firefighter's injuries do not appear to be life-threatening and no other crew members were injured in the flashover.

Incident Details:

  • Incident occurred in a residence on the 11100 block of Nygaard Lane in Wilton.
  • First-alarm assignment was dispatched at 7:09PM.
  • The injured firefighter's engine was part of the second-alarm assignment, arriving at 7:50PM.
  • The injured firefighter was transported to UCDMC at 8:19PM.

The health and safety of our firefighters is of the utmost importance. A full investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident will be launched and additional information will be released as it becomes available.

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