New Power Gurneys: Safer for Patients, Better for Emergency Responders

Mather, CA – As the National Obesity Foundation has pointed out, “Obesity rates in the US have reached alarming levels.” Because of this, back injuries caused by lifting patients have also significantly increased. Keeping our patients safe, while reducing the number of injuries, has become a serious concern.

With a lifespan of roughly seven years, most of our gurneys were in need of replacement. By transitioning our fleet to a new, state-of-the-art gurney system, Metro Fire will reduce back injuries, while increasing service capabilities to the public. This innovative technology includes a wider gurney, with a capacity for larger patients, coupled with a hydraulically-operated Power Load, installed inside the ambulance. With a simple press of a button, the entire gurney is lifted hydraulically. The wider footprint of the gurney provides increased stability for patients.

Assistant Chief Maurice Johnson stated “Metro Fire responded to over 62,000 EMS calls in 2014. Providing a safer transport for these patients, at the same time protecting our paramedics, is another way Metro Fire is leading the industry.” All 27 gurneys have been replaced; installing the Power Load system in our 35 medics has begun and is on track to be completed by August.

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