Decommissioned Fire Vehicles Find New Careers

Mather, CA. – Fire vehicles need to be reliable in order for responders to effectively do their jobs; that goes without saying. So what happens to vehicles no longer reliable enough for emergency response? Metro Fire pulls them out of service and donates them to groups in need. Essentially, the vehicles get a new career.

On Friday, Metro Fire delivered two surplus ambulances to the Paramedic Program at American River College, where students will learn CPR, start IVs, and much more, from the back of an ambulance. In January, the EMT Program at Sierra College was the recipient of an ambulance, while recruits in their Fire Academy have been learning firefighting skills on a fully-functional engine, donated by Metro Fire last year.

In the past nine years, Metro Fire has donated roughly 25 vehicles to smaller fire districts, volunteer districts, and college programs. For agencies with minimal funding for new equipment, this engine may be their front-line apparatus, responding to emergency incidents. For Fire Academy, Paramedic, and EMT programs, these vehicles provide invaluable training opportunities to students, our future emergency responders.

"For local programs and fire departments, our donated vehicles open doors that might otherwise remain closed," stated Fire Chief Mark Wells. "Metro Fire is giving back to the community, while ensuring our citizens continue receiving the highest level of care."

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