Over 1,200 Local Residents Learned How to Be Somebody’s Hero in 2014

Mather, CA – Last year, Metro Fire had the opportunity to meet four people who either helped save a life or whose own life was saved by CPR. Delaney was only six when she went into cardiac arrest at school and her teacher started CPR. Three year-old Mason's father performed CPR after pulling him out of a backyard pool. Ricky, the Assistant Manager of a store in Rancho Cordova, started CPR on a shopper who had collapsed. And eleven year-old Skylar started CPR at a birthday party, when a friend was found at the bottom of the pool. All of the patients involved not only survived their experiences, but have made unbelievable recoveries. How is that possible? Because CPR was started immediately, while first responders were en route.

In 2014, Metro Fire launched a program called Sidewalk CPR. This Hands-Only CPR takes less than five minutes to learn, is extremely effective, and is easy to remember. Our students have ranged in age from two years old to seventy. In our first year, Metro Fire taught over 1,200 community members how to save a life, and this year we want to reach even more.

Metro Fire has partnered with Sunrise Mall to offer another FREE Sidewalk CPR training, taking place this Saturday, April 25 from 11:00AM to 3:00PM. Metro Firefighters will be teaching Hands-Only CPR in multiple languages to everybody who wants to learn. For anyone not convinced that they should learn CPR, just ask Delaney, who's now nine years old. "If my teacher hadn't done CPR, I probably wouldn't be alive." Early CPR can completely change the outcome, and the future quality of life, for both patients and their families. Learn it, and you can Be Someone’s Hero!

For more information, check out www.metrofire.ca.gov and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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