Thirty-four Recruits Promote to Probationary Firefighters This Week

Mather, Calif. – Metro Fire’s newest firefighters are set to graduate from their 14-week fire academy this week.  Of the 34 recruits, 20 of them have been working for Metro Fire as Paramedics since 2013. The Single Role Paramedic (SRP) program is a career pathway unique to Metro Fire, designed to give the next generation of Firefighters the opportunity to enter emergency medicine as Paramedics and EMTs, with the expectation they will promote to Firefighter/Paramedics when positions become available. The SRP Program launched in 2013, so this will be the first Academy class ever to see Paramedics successfully promoted to Firefighters.

The 14-week fire academy has been physically, academically, and emotionally grueling for recruits. They have been placed in intense situations and expected to perform, learning first-hand, what it means to “dig deep.” Hundreds of hours were spent on the drill ground:  throwing ladders, deploying hoselines, tying knots, and marching. They were required to meet time standards for donning turnouts and SCBAs. They have trained in live fire, simulated collapsed structures, and learned countless other firefighting skills, while writing papers, taking tests, and being evaluated in EMS scenarios. Though required to start with a basic level of fitness, they have spent the first hour of every day doing intense fitness training, preparing them for the job of a firefighter.

Academy staff not only taught recruits the skills needed to be successful in their careers, but also instilled Metro Fire’s core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Service before Self.  Drill Master Ty Eidam frequently reminds the class, “Don’t ever forget that you are public servants; be honorable, courteous and respectful at all times.”

Metro Fire Academy Class 14-1 will graduate July 3, 2014 at 6pm at the Croatian American Cultural Center, located at 3730 Auburn Boulevard. After the recruits receive direction from Fire Chief Kurt Henke, they will take an oath to serve the public and begin their careers as Probationary Firefighters. 

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