Controlled Burn to Reduce Hazards this Week in the Dry Creek Area

Rio Linda, CA – Residents in the Rio Linda area just might see some smoke and fire this week at Dry Creek Regional Park. Metro Fire, at the request of Sacramento County Regional Parks, will be conducting a controlled burn to reduce hazards at the park and to give firefighters the opportunity for live fire training.

The primary goal of this prescribed burn is to facilitate positive environmental changes, such as removing foreign plant seedlings, enhancing native plant growth and animal diversity, and controlling invasive weeds, such as yellow thistle and black mustard. Because of the simultaneous requirement for killing the non-native plant species and stimulation of native grass and flower species, prescribed burning for this location is the best course of action.

As a training tool for firefighters, there is no alternative for live fire, for it is in this environment firefighters best learn how to control wildland fires. An Incident Commander will be on scene at all times, managing the burn in a manner that will minimize both smoke production and the impact to sensitive areas. The burn is expected to cover 60 acres and take place on June 4th. Alternate dates are June 10 and 11, pending Sacramento County Air Quality Management District conditions.

To ensure environmental protection and fire safety, grass on the proposed fire perimeter has been mowed, techniques to minimize smoke, heat and flames have been implemented, and additional firebreaks have been created by Metro Fire and the Sacramento County Regional Parks.

Details for the burn are below:

BURN AREAS:  #1 Dry Creek Parkway Between Dry Creek Parkway and “Q” Street and #2 “Q” Street and Approximately “U” and 22nd Streets.

LANDOWNER: Sacramento County Regional Parks

DATES:  June 4 or June 10 & 11, pending air quality conditions

PROJECT SIZE:  60 Acres Total

IGNITION TIME:  10:00 a.m.

Every resident should learn more to protect their home from grass and wildfires. By working together, we can keep our homes and our neighborhoods safe. Metro Fire is hosting one more 1 ½ day workshop, June 13-14, in Rancho Cordova.  The first day runs from 1pm- 5pm, while the second session takes place from 9am – 4pm.

For information on the burn, contact Captain Chris Vestal at 916-616-2434. Visit our website at or sign up for the workshop at

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