Fire Inspection Program

The goal of Metro Fire's Inspection Program is to minimize risk of life and property loss from fire. We do this by eliminating hazardous conditions in businesses. The video below is for our business community to learn how to prepare for a fire inspection. This video covers common violations and requirements.

National statistics show that 70% of businesses that suffer a major fire incident never reopen their doors, while 25% of businesses that do reopen their doors fail within one year. Big fires always start small. If fires in structures are not contained quickly, they spread through the building structure and cannot be extinguished. These uncontrolled fires can spread to surrounding buildings.

For these reasons, it is vital for businesses and multi-unit residential owners to be educated about proper fire prevention practices. They also should be inspected every year.

We invite you to read the fact sheet to learn more about the changes to the Fire Inspection Program as well as the fee schedule. Also provided is a checklist that outlines the basic items addressed at the time of inspection to help you better understand our program and prepare for your next inspection.

Fee Study

Reference Materials

Click on the file listed below for several documents and handouts that will help businesses prepare for their fire inspection. The file includes a fact sheet, pre-inspection checklist, and handouts explaining requirements about addressing, door hardware, BBQs, and more.


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