The Administration Branch is the "business side" of Metro Fire. It is comprised of three divisions: Human Resources, Information Technology, and Finance. Each division has specific duties within the District.

The Divisions that operate under the Administration Branch include:





Finance Division
10545 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 200
Mather, CA 95655
Phone: (916) 859-4389
Fax: (916) 859-3716

The professional team in the Finance Division oversees the District’s multi-million dollar financial operation. Each member of the team takes the stewardship of your public funds with great seriousness. Processes are in place to safeguard the District’s assets, track spending, collect all revenue and cost reimbursements, and produce quality reporting of all transactions. This Division also guides the very important budget process to see resources are properly allocated for optimum public service levels.


Human Resources Division
10545 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 200
Mather, CA 95655
Phone: (916) 859-4535
Fax: (916) 859-3728

Providing the highest quality of service to the citizens of the District depends on having a dedicated, well-qualified group of employees. The Human Resources Division seeks to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve, and strives daily to support the District’s mission of providing professional and compassionate protection, education, and service to our community.


Community Risk Reduction Division
formerly Fire Prevention Bureau
10545 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 200
Mather, CA 95655
Phone: (916) 859-4155
Fax: (916) 859-3717

Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the Community Risk Reduction Division (CRRD) of Metro Fire sees fire prevention as a team effort. We work with developers and you to make our community safer for everyone. The constant "risk reduction" is managed through the following responsibilities such as: Plan Review, Inspections, Code Enforcement, Fire Investigation and Exterior Hazard Mitigation.


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Incident Reports

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Inspections and Plan Submittal

Community Risk Reduction Division Formerly Fire Prevention Bureau Plans...

Program Requests

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