Live Wildfire Training for Recruit Academy on Friday at Illa Collins Wetland Preserve

Live Wildfire Training for Recruit Academy on Friday at Illa Collins Wetland Preserve

Mather, CA – Metro Fire will conduct live wildfire training at the Illa Collins Wetland Preserve (formerly known as the Mather Wetlands Preserve) on Friday, November 2, 2018 commencing at 10:00 am through approximately 3:00 pm. The focus of this exercise will be training for Metro Fire Recruit Academy 18-2 to receive exposure to wildland fire, and also the tactics, decision making, and techniques requires for suppressing these incidents while maintaining personnel safety.

While wildfires have always been a factor in California, the extended fire seasons we are experiencing require hands on experience to live fire for the best possible training for recruits in a controlled environment. All permits and coordination with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and Sacramento Agricultural Commissioner’s Office have been submitted, and this burn will only occur if those requirements are met at the time of ignition and predicted fire weather forecasts do not initiate a Red Flag Warning.

Those in the area of Independence at Mather, the Mather Golf Course, and other nearby areas will likely see and smell smoke. If anyone believes there is a fire outside of the Illa Collins Wetland Preserve, they should report it by calling 911 with the specific location.

Media opportunities are available from approximately 10:00 am until 12:00 pm with Recruit Firefighters and other Metro Fire personnel. Please contact Captain/PIO Chris Vestal at (916) 616-2430 for specific attendance information.

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