Mather Airport Hazard Reduction Planned Fire

Rio Linda, CA – Metro Fire, in conjunction with the Sacramento County Division of Airports Fire Department, will conduct a fire fuel reduction planned fire at the Mather Airport on Sunday, September 9, 2018 in advance of 10th Anniversary of the California Capitol Airshow later this month. The purpose of this planned fire is to remove dried vegetation from areas between the runways where pyrotechnics displays will occur during the Airshow, providing a safer environment for those in attendance.

Pending final approval from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SAMQMD) and Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office tomorrow morning, this event will commence at 1000 hours. Area residents may see and small smoke in the Mather area. Those who believe there is a fire outside of the Mather Airport are still encouraged to dial 911 and report the possible incident.

Category: News Releases


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