Metro Fire and Sacramento County Regional Parks Planned Fire at Dry Creek on September 13

Rio Linda, CA – Metro Fire, in conjunction with the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department will conduct at 20 acre planned fire at the Dry Creek Parkway on September 13, 2018. Training in firing techniques will take place with this fire, combining this valuable opportunity with removal of noxious vegetation promoting healthier revegetation in future growing cycles and remove fuels from a fire prone area.

This fire has been coordinated with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) and the Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office and will only occur after final approvals prior to ignition. Conducting planned fires allow Metro Fire to better control fires than if they were to occur unplanned, occur during beneficial atmospheric conditions when the smoke will be lifted to a high mixing attitude instead of remaining at low levels and affecting community members.

Community members will see and smell smoke in the Dry Creek Parkway and Rio Linda areas. If anyone believe there is a fire outside of the Dry Creek Parkway, please call 911 to have fire resources respond.

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