Two-alarm Fire Damages Two Homes and One Outbuilding

North Highlands, CA – Just after 1:30 PM this afternoon, Metro Fire crews were dispatched to the corner of Georgia Drive and Karl Drive for a house fire. Sacramento County Sheriff's officers nearby had seen black smoke, reported the fire, and helped evacuate napping residents. The first arriving Metro Fire unit reported a well-involved, single story home on Georgia Drive with fire spread to the eaves of the house next door.

Arriving fire crews were quickly divided; engine crews were assigned to fight fire in both the house of origin and the exposure, while search and ventilation were taking place. A second alarm assignment was requested, as a home on Karl Drive became threatened. Over 60 firefighters were on scene, fighting fire from two different streets on three structures.

The home where the fire started sustained major damage. Crews were able to keep the exposure fires to the attic and roof of the second home, and minor, exterior damage to an outbuilding behind the third home. Total damage is estimated at $160,000, with the cause of the fire under investigation. Red Cross was requested to assist the five displaced residents. One firefighter was transported to UCD for burns, while a second firefighter sustained muscular injuries. No civilians were injured in the fire.

During firefighting activities, a suspicious device was found in one of the backyards. Residents from the five closest homes, as well as fire crews, were all evacuated until the determination could be made that the device was inert. Residents were then allowed back into homes.

The large column of smoke attracted curious bystanders to the neighborhood. First arriving fire engines had difficulty entering the street due to cars blocking the road, taking photos. Even a ten second delay can make a difference to someone inside a home on fire. If you stop to watch a fire, remember that lives are at stake; park your vehicle far enough away so there is no impact to responding fire apparatus.

Every fire provides challenges, and today was no different. With downed power lines, multiple homes on fire, cars blocking the road, and suspicious devices, fire crews had to be ever-vigilant, adapting and overcoming to every challenge encountered. This is what Metro Fire crews do every single day.

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