Metro Fire Receives Federal Grant for Residential Care Facility Inspection Program

Mather, CA – Three new fire inspectors will be hired by Metro Fire to inspect over 900 residential care facilities in its jurisdiction, as a result of a $467,116 grant awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

According to a 2012 National Fire Protection Association report, an estimated 1,920 structure fires were reported in residential board and care facilities each year from 2006-2010, resulting in 10 civilian deaths, 61 civilian injuries and $8 million in direct property damage per year. As part of Metro Fire’s commitment to improving the safety of our community, this program will reduce overall fire risk in residential care facilities through planning, code enforcement and education.

All large family day cares, as well as adult and elderly care facilities (commonly referred to as residential board and care facilities), will be included in the Residential Care Facility Inspection Program. Inspectors will develop pre-fire plans, resulting in enhanced operational awareness for dispatchers and responding units and, at the same time, educate owners and property managers on fire and life safety measures, allowing them to better protect their clients and their facility.

"With so many residential care facilities in our District, the most effective way for us create a safer community is by working hand-in-hand with our business owners to reduce their risk of catastrophic fire," stated Metro Fire's Fire Marshal, Assistant Chief Mike Lozano, "This program allows us to do just that."

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