Medic Unit Catches Fire Inside Station Apparatus Bay

Antelope, CA- Just before 4:00 this morning, the crew at Metro Fire Station 25 woke up to smoke alarms sounding and the smell of smoke in their station. When they opened the doors to the apparatus bay, they found it filled with thick, black smoke, down to the ground. Clearly, there was a fire inside.

Though the medic crew had returned to the station just 30 minutes earlier, the medic, parked a few feet from the engine, was the primary location of the fire. With no visibility, and no access to their equipment, the crew had to think outside the box. A commercial assignment was dispatched as Engine and Medic 25 went to work. Captain Rich Rubialis stated, "Our biggest goal was to get the front doors up and the engine out. We wanted to protect the engine from the fire, at the same time we needed the engine to put out the fire."

While firefighters were making their way to the engine, others were using a garden hose to keep the fire in check. Aggressive firefighting enabled Station 25's crew to contain the fire to the medic, protecting the engine and the station. No firefighters were injured and a replacement medic was up and running by around 6:00am. Total damage is estimated at $200,000, with the cause of the fire still under investigation.

The ability to think critically in unusual and rapidly changing situations is one of the most important aspects of firefighting; it is also the reason this morning's fire did not cause more damage. This ability is what keeps firefighters alive and allows them to protect the public in environments they've never seen before.



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