Holiday Safety Demonstration

WHO: Join Metro Fire for a live-fire demonstration!
WHAT: The holidays are a wonderful time of year… Christmas trees adorned with lights and ornaments, outdoor bulbs brightening neighborhoods, and warm candles glowing inside homes. As beautiful as these decorations can be, they pose a very real fire danger, if simple precautions are overlooked.
In the US alone, approximately 380 home fires start with Christmas trees or lights every year. One of every 40 home Christmas tree fires results in a death, compared to an average of one death per 142 total home fires. In December alone, home candle fires occur nearly three times as often as the rest of the year.
To demonstrate how quickly a fire can start and spread, Metro Fire will expose a dry Christmas tree and a properly-watered tree to the same ignition source and compare the time required for each to become fully-involved. We will cover simple safety tips to keep families safe this winter, and show how burning a candle too close to combustible items will quickly start a fire.
WHEN: Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 2:00PM
WHERE: The Tower at Metro Fire Station 21
7641 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights


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